micomusik: an authentic sound experience


At a time when our planet is moving towards new paradigms, the proposal of the avant-garde multimedia-group micomusik lands as the perfect vessel to take us on an amazing journey.

Integrated by Loreto Zamora (Chile) and Nikolas Klau (Germany), talented musicians and composers currently based in Berlin, micomusik was born in Mexico City in 2003, achieving a successful career in artistic production and the creation of musical-score.

Its work expresses different life and professional stages of the members of micomusik, who, furthermore have recently made known their interesting work in the field of performance in the hectic Berlin artistic circuit. Its electronic-inspired musical proposal achieves the feat of transcending this genre, with a repertoire that at times borders on the attractive cadence of dub and then offers unsuspected and futuristic versions of trip-hop, bossa nova, and contemporary jazz.

Oh, what a difference it makes, to have this mixture come from musicians who have matured their work, their style, and their innovative technique for almost two decades. Its arrangements, the tempo of each piece, the singular voice of Loreto, with a wide and silky register, reveal new dimensions for the musical expression of today and of what is to come. In essence, micomusik is the genuine outpost, the first inhabitant of an unknown melodic world, which we approach with the help of musicians whose maxim is absolute creative freedom. micomusik: more than music, a sound experience.


Jimena Córdova N.

 Art critic and journalist