pure sound berlin is the production facility created by Nikolas Klau and Loreto Zamora. The studio is fitted with all the up to date equipment for recording, mixing, mastering and of course composition to ensure hi-end professional products that stand out in the crowd.



Nikolas Klau

Musician, engineer, sound designer and producer with more than 28 years of experience. He was a regular part of the band that accompanied Steven Brown (vocalist of Tuxedomoon) on tours through Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as a large number of performances by Tuxedomoon, Weathermen, Benjamin Lew and other alternative music projects. After mooving  to Mexico founding member of the band 9 Rain. Collaborations with musicians such as  Miki Huidobro (Molotov), José Manuel Aguilera (La Barranca), José Cantoral, Andrés Sánchez (Zoe), Liber Terán, Minimal Compact, Minimal Man and many more. As a musician he is a composer and co-composer of a large number of film and television series soundtracks, as well as plays, ballet and fashion shows. Postproduction for the movies: The House of the Grandfather by Dora Guerra with Fernando Cámara, Madero Muerto, Living memory of Juan Carlos Rulfo (V1), Presumed Guilty, The Fifth Commandment by Rafa Lara and a large number of shorts. Postproduction and music spots for the brands NIKE, VW, BMW, Sabritas, Gamesa Galletas Emperador, RIU Hotels, Air France, Trident, Koleston, Pepto Bismol, Aeromexico, Mission Hotels, Ciel Water, Cablevision, Palacio de Hierro among others. Until his moove back to Europe, Production Manager / Soundengineer  for  Michael Nyman, 10 years technical director at the festival Mutek MX, producer of the inauguration of the new Cineteca Nacional Mexico, member of the board at Factoría 360⁰ by the Miguel Hidalgo comune, as well as founding member of the MICO music group. He now lives in Berlin together with his wife and co-founder of Mico, Loreto Zamora working on the reconstruction of their networks in order to create artistic, intercontinental and multicultural collaborations. As of May 2018 the composition of the music for the dance piece WaW (We are Women) by Thierry Smits from the cie Thor in Brussels.


Loreto Zamora

Dedicated to the performing arts for almost 30 years.

She studied classical and popular singing in Santiago de Chile, with the teacher William Child Goldemberg and the legendary jazz singer Inés Délano, Scenic Communication at the University of Arts and Communication Sciences UNIACC (Chile), Theater Performance at the School of Teatro IMAGEN by renowned Chilean director Gustavo Meza, Costume design at the DUOC Institute of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Dubbing, Commercial, Narration and Cabinetion at the School of Scenic Talent and the renowned dubbing studios Central Entertainment in Mexico City.

She has collaborated with different musical groups of different genres  as vocal coach, backing vocalist, co-composer, lyricist and / or vocal producer. 

Among them are:

La Ley (Chile-Mexico), Moenia (Mexico), La Castañeda (Mexico), Nine Rain (USA- Germany-Mexico), Murphy (MX, CL, AR), Líber Terán (Mexico) to name a few.

Her professional performance has placed her on stages of great importance both in Latin America and in the United States, To mention a few: National Auditorium of Mexico City, House of Blues (LA California), Universal Amphitheater (LA California), City Theater (Mexico), Hard Rock Café (Mexico) Festival of Viña del Mar (Chile) and others.

Announcer, singer and talent of innumerable advertising campaigns for different brands such as Saint Ives (Chile), Cablevisión (Mexico), Nike (Latam), Volkswagen (Chile), Genomma Lab (Latam), Sears (Mexico).

Noteworthy is her collaboration in various projects for the Mexican Secretary of Culture CONACULTA, the National Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, as in the composition, co-composition and vocal performance of musical pieces in the cinematographic field, where her participation in documentaries by award-winning Mexican director Juan Carlos Rulfo and fiction director, also Mexican, Rafa Lara.

She has played an important role as a composer and co-composer and in some occasions in assisting in the production of events for cultural projects such as:

Re-inauguration of the National Cinematheque of Mexico City (production and logistics assistant) and composition of songs with lyrics based on sexual rights for the Sexual education instalation of the Universum Museum in Mexico City.

Her biggest passion has always been singing and she defines herself as a "Voice Moulder" giving all her experience and love to every student that has crossed her path in these last 22 years.

She currently resides in the city of Berlin with her husband and co-founder of MICOMusik, Nikolas Klau, working on the reconstruction of their networks, with the aim of creating intercontinental and multicultural artistic collaborations, which she has already begun working as vocal coach and singer in the play WaW (We are Women) for the director Thierry Smits of the dance company THOR in Brussels-Belgium.