Music production, Mixing and Mastering

Music production

At Micomusik we care about your ideas and artistic essence and try to bring your music to a level at which your art can be fully appreciated. From working in a cloud over a distance to recordings at our prime facilities, everything is done with only on thing in mind: Your music!




Mixing with care for detail is our motto, nothing you compose is lost in mud or buried in reverb. Dynamics when wanted and compressed hammering beats and shredding guitars when needed, all is carefully taken care of at our mixing facilities. If there is something you don't like speak up and be heard, no problem we fix it.




Mastering, the art of turning a great mix into a wonderful sounding record. At Micomusik we care deeply about industry standards and artistic integrity, we guarantee our work, meaning : If you or your record company is not happy with the job, we fix it or you don't pay a dime.